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Technology, Network & Privacy

Brokerage Professional offers robust professional liability, network and privacy liability protection to small and mid-size risks in the digitally-driven business world.

The “technology enablers” coverage offers integrated technology errors & omissions, electronic media liability, privacy liability and network security liability coverage designed for technology companies. The “technology users” coverage is designed for companies in all industries and offers privacy liability and network security, as well as internet media liability coverage. Both of these forms can also address the increasing expenses associated with data and network breaches as well as expenses associated with cyber-extortion or denial of service attacks.

  • Offer a simplified application process
  • Broad definitions of Technology Services and Products, Electronic or Internet Media Activities, Network Security Activities and Privacy Violations
  • “Personal Information” includes all Non-Public personal and corporate information in any format
  • Can be packaged with D&O and/or Miscellaneous Professional liability coverage

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