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What never changes? Change.

About Western World

Formed in 1964, Western World has successfully weathered several insurance underwriting cycles and has learned from each. Through difficult periods and years of spectacular growth, the company has built a record of profitability and capital accumulation; an enduring reputation for underwriting expertise; and a staff of seasoned professionals capable of providing our customers with quick, knowledgeable and thoughtful solutions, specifically tailored to classes of business.

Western World offers the security and comfort of consistently superior financial results, prudent capital management and private owners who have a long-term understanding and view of our business. These qualities provide the foundation for the durability of our many long-standing relationships Western World Insurance Group carries an A.M. Best Group Rating of A (Excellent), Financial Size Category XV. The member companies of the Western World Insurance Group operate under a business pooling arrangement. Each Company carries the rating of the pool. For the latest rating, access

We are responding to the growing need to improve the efficiency of the buying experience of our customers, and our customer’s customer. Western World is developing bold advancements in the use of web-based technology to reduce duplicative effort, improve accuracy and deliver a superior product. The degree of efficiency we are able to provide our distribution partners has emerged as a new and innovative “product”.



The Western World Integrated Platform (WWIP) is the first tool that gives brokers the ability to rate, quote, bind, and issue policies with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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Our site now has an integrated search bar, which allows you to look for forms, applications, people, and just about anything else on the site by just typing in what you want and clicking search.

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Our responsiveness hasn’t changed over the years, but how we serve our clients and insureds is constantly evolving. We launched WWIP, the first platform that allows brokers to rate, quote, bind and issue right on the web. And, our new Western World search bar allows visitors to the site to find forms, applications, people, and more with fewer “clicks” and everyday language.

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Tim Whisler

Head of Western World

Bob Eells

Senior VP &
Chief Operating Officer

Lisa Rosa

Senior Vice President
Claims & General Counsel

Paul Ruddle

Vice President,
Head of Information Technology

Shirley Kapnis

Vice President,
Human Resources