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The Division executes its focused marketing strategy by limiting the number of producers with access to the facility, allowing Specialty to offer the highest possible service standards. In addition, the Division also understands the culture of the binding authority agents who have relationships with other underwriting Divisions within the Group.

Brokerage targets difficult and hard-to-place primary business driven by the risk of severe loss. The Division has an ample appetite for a broad spectrum of general liability risks such as heavy equipment manufacturers, equipment rental and millwright contractors. Brokerage’s risk portfolio is divided between general liability and product liability exposures.

In order to make difficult risks acceptable or affordable, accounts can be written on either an occurrence or claims-made policy form. In addition, the Division makes extensive use of large deductibles, self-insured retentions and unique endorsements.

Formed in 1964, Western World has built an enviable record of profitability and capital accumulation, an enduring reputation for underwriting expertise and a staff of seasoned professionals capable of providing our customers with quick, knowledgeable and thoughtful solutions.